St. Louis House Painting 

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Interior Painting in St. Louis, MO

In order to obtain top-notch results while painting a room inside your office or your home, it is important to prepare the walls beforehand. All walls must be cleaned before beginning any painting. It’s also important that you ensure all flaws have been corrected, uneven regions sanded down, holes filled, and cracks fixed. Once you’ve decided the mood and room colors, you can begin painting.

There are multiple painting options available that have primers included in the paint. However, in some situations, it is advisable to begin by applying a primer base coat before starting the actual painting in order to obtain a professional quality look.

As a St. Louis Home Remodeling company, we offer many house painting options. If you would like professional painting services instead of painting your own home, then call us today! We love painting projects and are excited to begin painting your Missouri home.

St. Louis interior painting is the easiest way to increase your home value.

Exterior House Painting

Exterior painting is very much similar to the procedure followed while painting your home’s interior walls. First, ensure that your home’s exterior has been prepared properly before dabbing on that new paint that you’ve always wanted. Before starting your project, make sure the weather conditions won’t spoil the day.

Based on the painting materials you’ve chosen for your home, you may have to get it sand blasted or power washed in order for the paint to hold effectively. This cleaning & paint removal method is different from the pressure washing method in that fine grit particles are utilized instead of using water. Opting for sandblasting is a great way to ensure your home’s exterior is all ready for a smooth fresh coat of paint, which will leave the house with a cleaner and fresher look.

Additionally, we provide exterior painting services in St. Louis. Call us today for a free consultation!

St. Louis exterior house painting is recommended to upgrade the outside of your home.
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