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Home improvement throughout St. Louis is our lifeblood. All of our recent home projects have beautified and enhanced the homes of our fellow St. Louis residents!

Home Additions in St. Louis, MO

When evaluating a property prior to purchase, even the most conservative buyer is capable of understanding a house’s hidden potential, be it regarding its layout or color scheme. The more astute ones tend to analyze possible home additions as well. If you’re purchasing a new house or property and are trying to transform it into a spectacular piece of art, or simply trying to enhance the living space in your home, St. Louis Home Remodeling can provide helpful services. We will transform your house from merely livable to lovable, thanks to the assistance provided by our well-qualified contractors.

If you need an additional kids room, theater room, or gym space, we can help!

Room additions

Room addition is the simplest method to increase the space in your house. If you’re looking to make space for your new baby or simply add to the square footage of your house, you have to consider a room addition. Our expert contractors can provide you with all the services that you’ll need for expanding your home’s size in such a manner that it blends seamlessly with its current style and look, while providing you with the space that you’re yearning for. You can add a den, a new game room, expand your existing rooms or go for other home space expansion methods as well. Contact us today, especially if you’re interested in a St. Louis home theatre!

Our firm specializes in St. Louis room additions.

St. Louis Sunrooms

Gazing at the brilliant Missouri sky dusk and viewing the descent of the sun over the horizon is an excellent way to relax, ain’t it? How about cooling off during the hot summer months by pouring yourself a drink & having a great conversation with your friends? Adding a sunroom can help you do a lot of things without sacrificing your current square footage. If that’s what you’re looking for, St. Louis Home Remodeling can provide you with the services that you need for transforming your sunroom plans to reality. We provide high-quality results, which will leave you wanting to spend your time relaxing in your brand-new house addition.

We construct St. Louis sunrooms.

Convert your existing space!

If you feel that your home’s current addition isn’t useful anymore or are looking to enhance your garage into something bigger, Home Remodeling of St. Louis can make this a reality. We have an experienced, well-qualified group of professionals on our staff list who will ensure that your ideas can be brought to life exactly the way you intended. From plumbers and electricians to general contractors, we will ensure that only a well-qualified professional is given the responsibility to handle your needs. Start recreating your space now, with St. Louis Home Remodeling’s crew of experienced professionals.

Instead of adding to your home, you can simply convert existing space into new space.

St. Louis Home Renovations

If you’re not looking for a full addition, than a bump out is a great way to add space to your home without the need for an entire side of your house being out of commission until the work is done. A small addition to your existing home is a great way to increase your square footage by a smaller margin while giving you the space you need to fulfill whichever need you have for that space. St. Louis Home Remodeling is dedicated to bringing you the end result you’re looking for, no matter the type of size of your home addition. We routinely help customers implement home gyms, sun rooms, pool rooms. and much more.

Whether you are rebuilding your home or just adding on, our contracting services are top-notch.

Home Addition Plans

St. Louis Remodeling works alongside top architects and designers, ensuring that your renovation efforts are marching ahead in a stellar manner. When we’re done, you won’t be able to tell the difference between your pre-existing rooms and your new addition. We can also provide you with a more reliable estimate as to how much your planned home additions would be costing should you request a free in-home consultation with our Missouri contractors.

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