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Every project that we complete adds to our company’s proud legacy and our impact on the great people of St. Louis. We hold our work to such high standards because St. Louis has given us so much, we are just giving back. As specialists who transform and improve residential homes and commercial buildings, our work brings happiness to everyone involved. We love looking back at previous projects knowing that our work is still the best in the industry, even after years have passed. As specialized contractors, it is our mission to revamp homes to provide families with a greater quality of life. When undertaking any sized project, we always have the same mindset. When you choose St. Louis Home Remodeling, you’re selecting a firm that strives to provide long-lasting results in everything we do. In order to excel in all aspects of a project, we have knowledge in many small services. Below you will find a detailed list of our impeccable services. If you don’t see something you need, don’t hesitate to call us!

Our Residential Renovation Services

If you’re looking for professional designers to improve your home’s design, look, and feel, you can trust in us with the work. Our unique approach to all our projects is unmatched. We dedicate 100% of our resources to the task at hand, involve the client in our decisions, and strive to provide unparalleled communication with our customers. Not only are we improving our own reputation among contractors in St. Louis, we are also playing a direct role in our customers’ everyday lives. We improve your home, your happiness, and your health. With our handyman services, you and receiving numerous benefits. Call us now & let us help you transform your housing dreams into reality!

Home Improvement

St. Louis Home Remodeling is a professional home improvement agency, based out of STL, that can get any job done with perfection. With our remodeling services, you will love your current home after we are finished working. Our services range from simple re-décors to full house renovations. Although our favorite projects are remodels, we are enthusiastic about each and every project that we get the opportunity to complete. 

Kitchen Remodeling

A well-designed kitchen can help you sell your home, enhance the house’s appeal, and act as a gathering point for people at parties. Most families spend a massive amount of time in their kitchens. If you’ve got a specific vision in mind, we will do whatever it takes to bring your dreams to life. Whether your intention is to resurface, change, remove, or add, our kitchen remodeling services can provide you with the professional expertise that you’ll need for making your vision a reality.

Bathroom Remodeling

While most of us may not pay attention to a bathroom, many homeowners are interested in having an attractively-designed bathroom. This may include adding special features such as a jacuzzi, heated flooring, voice activated showers, or siri controlled air conditioning. Great bathrooms can enhance your home to a new level entirely. Once your bathroom has a great vibe, you’ll be hunting for excuses to lie down in your brand-new tub.

Basement Remodeling

A basement remodel or renovation requires many factors to be considered. An amateur homeowner working it out on his own may discover it to be quite confusing. St. Louis Home Remodeling can renovate your entire basement at an affordable rate and acquaint you with the workings of a basement finishing process.

Home Additions

You have many alternatives to choose from in case you’re considering home addition. It includes extensions, bump outs, dens, day rooms, sun rooms, re-purposing, and many others. If you’re looking for a professional renovation firm that can provide an attractive and durable addition, it makes sense to call us. We have an array of professional contractors who can implement your vision in an effective manner. 

Flooring Installation

In case you’re looking to transform your St. Louis home into a magnificent dream house, you’ll need a professional Missouri flooring company to improve your floor’s design. Leave your friends stunned and amazed at the quality of your flooring. Remember that floors are an important aspect of your home’s attractiveness. Therefore, it is vital that you carry out floor renovation measures after a few years.

Shower Installation

You will also need a professional St. Louis shower installation firm to improve your shower’s designs. Everybody uses the shower on a daily basis. Therefore, it is vital that you install a well-functioning shower system in your bathroom that leaves visitors dazzled. A soothing ambience in the shower area can help reduce stress and calm your nerves. 

Siding Repair

Just like our clothes can provide revealing insights about our personality, enhancing a home’s siding can ensure a great first impression, which improves the overall tone of the house. Over here at St. Louis Remodeling Contracting, we can provide you with a number of styles and materials for you to select from, giving you countless siding combinations. From aluminum to vinyl, we have an unmatched list of choices for you to select from. 

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