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Kitchen Remodeling in St. Charles, MO

Your kitchen should be more than just a place for cooking meals. A well-designed kitchen can serve a plethora of purposes and leave you with some truly great memories. A significant amount of time in your home is spent in your kitchen, so you should make it count. A spacious cooking area can easily host extended family meals or accommodate a party. For most homeowners, a kitchen plays an extremely important role when it comes to purchasing a house. They may often choose to forgo other aspects of a home in exchange for a beautiful kitchen.  Reach out to consult with the premier kitchen remodeling firm in Cottleville, MO. 

Before starting your renovation project, we will aid you in choosing the proper materials. After our initial consultation, our St. Peters remodeling specialists will lead the installation, ensuring that no aspect of the job is complete.

Although kitchen remodeling is a complex process, we keep fantastic communication with our customers. As we agree to a contract, we will first present you with a design and ensure that you love the end product once the renovation will be completed. Our intention is to help you understand how the finished kitchen will look like and show the placement of various appliances and the benefits of adopting such a placement strategy.

Kitchen being remodeled in St. Charles, MO

Kitchen Renovation Tips

St. Charles kitchen renovation seems easy when compared to other types of home improvement. However, many contractors believe that it ranks among the most difficult kinds of remodeling. Without former experience in the home contracting industry, kitchen remodeling can really drain your wallet and waste weeks of your time. When you work with home renovation specialists, you’ll need to be educated and prepared for the ins and outs of the job. We suggest you read Even when you engage home renovation contractors, you’ll need to be educated & prepared for all eventualities in this job. Don’t hesitate to reach out for suggestions and tips on the home improvement process. Our designers and consultants will help you out, free of cost.

Designing and constructing a kitchen from scratch is no easy task unless you have professionals to help you out. We recommend that you recruit the services of professional contractors such as Cottleville Home Remodeling to avoid mistakes and embarrassing situations. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll be aided by a contractor during crucial design steps. However, they won’t do every task that’s required. As a homeowner, you’ll be required to make important decisions. Read below for a few kitchen renovation tips that will come in handy.

Kitchen Counters

Modifying the kitchen island, countertops & partial walls can be done as per the owner’s requirements and the area’s feasibility. Matching the food preparation areas and dinner tables with a larger breakfast area can provide a space-specific, convenient way for creating a more spacious kitchen.

While most Missouri homeowners prefer to go for granite countertops during their renovation efforts, wooden materials have started to trend as well. These days, homeowners are looking to have kitchens that have a unique vibe by using different materials and designs. Our specialists can help you in understanding kitchen design strategies, which can ensure that it is unique both functionally and visually. There happen to be many kinds of materials that can be utilized for the kitchen, which can improve the appearance and functionality of a room.

Granite Counters

Granite has a rock-like hardness. Although slightly expensive, it can enhance the look of a kitchen counter once it’s been properly polished. Apart from being an extremely popular style, homeowners have been in love with it for over ten years.

While granite countertops may seem costly, it’s among the most luxurious materials you can use for a kitchen renovation. It is capable of withstanding high heat levels and ranks among the hardest materials available in the industry. St. Charles Kitchen Remodeling can help you pick a stone, which suits your home perfectly. 

Marble Countertops

While the high cost of marble counter tops deters most people from purchasing them, they are highly recommended if you can afford them. Marble comes with a luxurious look that can enhance your renovated kitchen’s appeal to a great extent. Similar to granite, it is also highly heat-resistant.

Marble counter tops happen to be ideal in low-traffic places. They are usually high-maintenance as they tend to get stained easily. Marble isn’t exactly hard like granite, which leads to more scratches. It also tends to react with acids. While it does have these disadvantages, sealers can protect marble from further damage.

Our kitchen remodeling specialists in St. Peters, MO can help cut & install counter based on your preferences. We have professionals ready to complete your renovation project quickly.

Don’t tinker with your plumbing!

In case you’ve demolished the kitchen area completely and are looking to go with a different design and layout, consult a professional about your plumbing lines. Try not to move the plumbing as much as possible. Retain the sink & other dishwasher waterlines in the same place that they were. This will help control your expenses. For a simple sink relocation from the counter space to the island, your floor will have to be demolished for installing additional pipes & for connecting the plumbing, which can easily set you back a few grand, which is not really worthwhile. 

Kitchen Lighting

Inexperienced contractors and homeowners often make the mistake of not installing ample lighting. If your kitchen space isn’t open enough for natural light to enter freely, you’ll have to install better lights. The quality of these lights is important too. Prefer energy-efficient bulbs since these can reduce your expenses. Input designer lighting may also be placed at your top cabinets’ bottom. This will help position ample light at your countertop space. Do not forget about increasing the number of light sources in distant corners as well, away from your primary illumination source. While it won’t affect your budget much, it will improve your kitchen’s appeal to a great extent. 

Make a powerful statement with appliances!

A major portion of your renovation budget is likely to be spent on upgrading your kitchen appliances. We suggest that you spend only between $5000 to $7000 for a new ventilation hood, microwave, dishwasher, stove, and fridge. New appliances can make people really jealous of you. Having new appliances will make your kitchen unique and different from all other ordinary kitchens. However, we don’t suggest that you go for expensive items only, as functional and new appliances are fine too. Ask our St. Charles kitchen renovation designers for help and we’ll aid you in picking the right electronics for the kitchen, helping you save money.

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