St. Charles Bathroom Remodeling

Trust True Cut Remodeling with your bathroom renovation in St. Charles! Our experienced team will professionally remodel your bathroom with modern amenities. We offer heated flooring, voice controlled showers, and more.

Bathroom Remodeling in St. Charles, MO

In case you need a professional bathroom contractor for your home renovation, specialists from True Cut Remodeling can help you out with your project. We provide high-quality home renovation services at affordable rates. 

Whether you’re wanting to remodel an entire bathroom, adding another, or redesigning, we provide many top-notch bathroom services. In addition to our high quality service, we also strive to complete renovations on your time and within your budget. 

To supplement our St. Charles bathroom renovation services, we also offer design help. Prior to the remodel or construction of your bathroom, we will guide you through the process of over hauling a bathroom. If you wish to design your luxury bathroom by yourself, our team will happily take care of the installation following your design instructions. Although we provide both services, we are simply here to help you fall in love with your new luxury oasis.

St. Charles Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom renovation is an investment!

Every penny that you invest in your bathroom will increase your residential or commercial resale value. Our designers have significant experience enhancing the appeal of bathrooms by applying the latest modern trends. Over the last few years, we have seen a spike in voice controlled technologies, including shower heat, air conditioning, and floor heating. Our expert bathroom renovation team will help you replace and remove outdated lighting systems, showers, bathtubs, and sink fixtures. We also provide professional installation services for trendy shower accessories and shower doors. 

Services like electrical works and plumbing usually have fixed rates. However, the materials needed for a bathroom remodel may vary, depending on the owner’s specifications. These prices slide depending on the nature and quality of the lights, showers, tiles, tubs, sinks, and toilets the owner would like to buy. 

We usually talk about our St. Charles bathroom remodeling services in person. However, most customers don’t always understand what it entirely means. We’ve broken it down further for helping customers understand the services provided by us while completing a project involving the lavatory.

Plumbing Services

When you add new bathrooms to an existing house, you’ll need additional plumbing services. Based on the number of lines required (For instance, sinks, showers, toilets, etc.) and the bathroom’s size, we will install faucets and pipes accordingly. Occasionally, it can get expensive to carry out a bathroom renovation compared to the installation of a new bathroom due to the number and condition of the pre-existing pipes. 

Electrical Wires

Before the walls are finished, our bathroom experts will have to drag electricity lines for connecting everything. Electrical boxes may have to be replaced if more lights are installed in a bathroom. Only licensed electricians are capable of doing this. Our experts are well-equipped to complete such challenging electrical work without breaking a sweat.

Vanity Tops

Space compartments happen to be a must in all kinds of bathrooms irrespective of their size and type. You’ll need cabinets for storing your toiletries. As a result of the unusual sizes, it is possible that the vanity and the countertops will have to be customized for fitting all bathroom corners. This custom work may cause bathroom renovation efforts to be slightly more expensive.

Sinks & Faucets

Based on the type and quality of faucets and sinks requested by our customers, the prices slightly vary for our bathroom remodeling efforts. There are way too many variables to provide an accurate price estimate. All homeowners crave something unique and different, which will match their personal desires and house. There are many options for customers to choose from. Sometimes, homeowners may supply the required faucets and sinks themselves. Regardless, with our bathroom remodeling, you can update your sinks and faucets to fit your needs.

Detailing, Paint, & Trim

Most homeowners prefer to have basic trimming and white paint done on their walls during their bathroom remodeling project. However, some scenarios may deem it necessary to use custom paints and work. This may lead to variations in price based on the difficulty, quality, and size of the walls. Despite the specifications, we are experienced in interior painting, trim installation, and professional bathroom detailing.

Make a powerful statement with appliances!

True Cut Remodeling recommends tile floors for St. Peters bathroom renovations. The temperature and moisture can make it difficult for flooring using other materials like vinyl, wood, and laminate. The prices may change based on the tile finish types and sizes preferred by the customers. The finishes tend to get cheaper with increasing size of the tiles, provided no special modifications are needed. Our renovation contractors can complete the bathroom flooring within a matter of a few days. Additionally, we can work with specialized flooring contractors to bring the beauty of your new room to life.

Lighting Solutinos

We usually update bathroom lighting in all our bathroom remodeling projects. Most people desire pot lights in their bathrooms, which are outstanding and modern. We suggest the latest versions, which are highly energy-efficient. Green renovations can increase the value of a home and cut down costs for homeowners. Additionally, they dramatically increase the appeal of your bathroom and increase the preceived size.

Bathroom Storage

Having an additional bathroom closet can always be an advantage. There’s no need for a licensed professional, unlike electrical works or plumbing. However, bathroom remodeling has to be done in a precise manner. The room must feel cozy & comfortable along with ample space to store essentials, eliminating the need to venture outside. We will construct walls and setup additional lighting in your storage room, in case that is required.

Modern accessories and decorations

Once all the O’Fallon bathroom remodeling and construction work has been completed, it is now time to start decorating it. Additional decorative pieces and accessories may be placed if you’re trying to sell the house for a great price. You can engage our services for renovating your bathroom, which will ensure that the place is highly attractive to potential buyers and new visitors.

As previously stated, we can enhance your bathroom with the addition of modern technologies. We offer mood lighting, heated flooring, voice controlled showers, and much more. Give Cottleville Home Remodeling a call today to discuss bathroom remodeling.

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