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Basement Finishing in St. Charles, MO

One must consider a multitude of factors during a basement remodel or renovation. Homeowners who try to get the job done all by themselves may discover basement finishing to be quite a confusing process. However, St Louis Home Remodeling can complete your basement renovation while implementing your ideas at an affordable price. 

Our firm’s experts have over 10 years’ worth of experience in the basement renovation and remodeling business. We can provide you with a completely free estimate of all the costs to be incurred on your project and help you make an effective and convenient decision regarding your renovation or remodeling project.

A basement remodeling or renovation decision requires unique thinking from St. Charles homeowners. It’s more like investing in a house. An unfinished basement usually serves as a cellular room that is mostly used for storing appliances and such items, which don’t fit well in one’s garage.

Basement finishing can increase a home’s value instantly by enhancing the living space of a home. Basement finishing frees up new space inside your house, which can be utilized for adding new rooms meant for kids or home theaters, meeting rooms, entertainment rooms, bathrooms, bars, kitchens, and gyms.

Another thing to be considered during a renovation is whether this new space is comfortable enough to enhance your quality of living. Is there ample light or is there a need for artificial lighting? Is there ample cooling or heating in the basement that is at a level comfortable enough for you? Is there a requirement for additional ventilation and will the basement contractors take care of that?

All of these elements must be considered prior to the project’s commencement. Our O’Fallon based specialists can aid you in deciding and picking the best wall colors, bathrooms and kitchens and floors that will beautify your living space area.

St. Charles Basement Finish

Renovate your basement!

A house’s basement is a place that, when properly overhauled, can enhance the house’s beauty and maximize utility. In case the walls are unattractive and dull, you can also install classy faucets or new tiles, lay PVC or ceramic floor covering, install new countertops or tubs. All such installations and fittings can amp up the look of the house. There are several other measures that you can implement as well, that will completely redefine your basement’s look.

Floors & Walls

It’s crucial that you start sealing the walls and floor with an appropriate sealing material for preventing leakage. You can also maintain dryness by using heating systems, which are useful in areas that experience high humidity.

The basement’s floor covering may be overhauled as well, replacing it with attractive, comfy, and warm materials like ceramic tiles, carpet, or PVC. Additionally, you can also use wall plasters for giving the walls a great finish and use matching paint to create a visually stimulating living space right inside your house.

Basement Lighting Solutions

In case your basement has no proper lighting facilities, you may have to remove or expand the sizes of the windows for accommodating more light. An efficient basement renovation expert can aid you in this regard. You can also improve the illumination by utilizing lighting fixtures for increasing the brightness levels in the bedrooms, kitchen, and the house’s living area. Lighting facilities have to be properly balanced throughout your entire basement room, ensuring that no shades or shadows are created.

Drainage Tips

In case your basement is currently in a poor condition, you may have to completely overhaul your drainage system by re-plastering your walls for sealing cracks and installing better pipes. If you have old sinks or other potential leakage sources, it can easily be removed or replaced with a new sink. This will ensure that the conditions in your basement are better off compared to before.

St. Charles basement finishing takeaways!

Consulting an interior designer for help with your Cottleville finished basement is a fantastic idea. If you want to create harmony between the structural and aesthetic components of your new living space, this would be a great place to start. Basement contractors possess the necessary skills for home painting, cabinet installation, flooring, electric wiring, lighting, and plumbing. In the meantime, give us call to talk about all aspects of your St. Peters basement remodeling project!

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