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As the premier St. Louis, MO home remodeling company, we provide luxury residential remodeling. We routinely renovate kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Our team can help with any home improvement project!

St. Charles is our home!

As a locally owned  home improvement business, St. Louis is our pride and joy. We provide premier home services to our great city, as our way of giving back!

To improve your St. Louis, MO home, you don't need much more space.
To improve your St. Louis, MO home, you don't need much more space.
To improve your St. Louis, MO home, you don't need much more space.

Featured Remodeling Services

Modern Kitchens

 Are you searching for Kitchen Renovations in St. Charles, MO

In St. Charles, a modern kitchen can drastically enhance the value of a home. True Cut regularly renovates kitchens for our clients. We typically install marble counters, stainless steel sink fixtures, and backsplash behind sinks and stoves. Not only are we increasing the home value, but we are also increasing the enjoyment a family receives from their cooking space. Kitchens are truly great places to host family gatherings, holiday parties, and enjoy meals. For help creating your dream kitchen, call True Cut Remodeling today. We look forward to upgrading many Cottleville, Missouri kitchens over the next few years!

Luxury Bathrooms

Do you wish to Remodel your Bathroom in St. Charles, MO?

True Cut Remodeling, based in St. Charles, performs luxury bathroom remodeling. Our clients typically ask us to install heated flooring, Bluetooth enabled mirrors and backlit amenities. Although complex, these are everyday remodeling projects to us. Our years of experience remodeling bathrooms in St. Charles have taught us how to deal with implementing these various bathroom luxuries. If you’re interested in remodeling your bathroom, True Cut is the team to call! There are plenty of bathroom options to choose from, so let the #1 general contractor in St. Charles, MO walk you through your potential options. 

Basement Finishing

Our team at True Cut routinely Finishes Basements in St. Charles, MO!

We are a full service basement remodeling company situated in St. Charles, MO. We strive to transform your unfinished basement into an area you can truly enjoy! Not only do we design the look and feel of your new space, but we also professionally bring our ideas to life. Over the years, we have brought undeniable value to homes in the area by adding living space to basements. Whether you want an extra bedroom, a luxurious bathroom, an entertainment area, or a theatre room, we will go above and beyond your expectations. Let True Cut Remodeling take care of your basement renovations and enjoy our services! 

Why Choose Us

Satisfaction Guarantee

At True Cut Remodeling, we offer a satisfaction guarantee!

A One-Stop Shop

No project is too big or too small for our St. Charles remodeling team. 

Free Consultation

Before any service, we always provide free estimates and consultations. 

We provide a number of services involving home repair, construction, and renovation. No matter how complex a project may be, we possess the technical know-how & experience to bring your dreams to life. There are many customers who put off their home renovations as they are worried about costs skyrocketing beyond what they can afford once they’ve started their renovations. However, choosing us will allow you to utilize the services of a firm that not only possesses leading industry experience but also one that provides cost-effective solutions.

#1 Home Renovation in St. Charles

True Cut Remodeling strives to provide St. Louis with numerous affordable options for all things residential remodeling. Whether our customers need their bathroom updated, kitchen cabinets modernized, or basement finished, we can do it all. Trust us with your residential services, as our entire company is customer-oriented. In order to provide the best renovation services for you, we require new employees to be professionally trained before providing work on our behalf. You’ve probably heard horror stories about remodeling contractors in St. Charles, but rest assured that we hold ourselves to the highest standard. To see testimonials  about our premier remodeling service, please read our Google Reviews.  

 Typical renovation contractors may try to extend the time of each project, as they get paid on the hour. Our renovation contractors have invested interest on every project, so they constantly strive to minimize work time, and perform high-quality work. Over the years, we have transitioned into luxury home remodeling. We didn’t start advertising until 2019, so word of mouth was our only advertising for 20+ years. Customers have been so satisfied about our services that we have been thriving off referrals for years and years. The next few years should only get better, as we are looking to expand our remodeling business. As we are among the top STL remodeling companies, we can guarantee you nothing but the best in finishing and renovation projects, regardless of the complexities. 

Premier Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

Have you recently dreamt of remodeling the place you live? Do you want to upgrade the feel, look and general appeal of your kitchen? Have you been putting these plans off since they seem too expensive? With our home remodeling in your area, you have top-notch renovation and remodeling service at your fingertips. Whether your dream house includes a modern bathroom, wooden flooring, or quartz counters, we can bring it to life. Our entire livelihood has been built by providing kitchen and bath services to customers all throughout St. Charles County.

At True Cut Remodeling, there is no home improvement project that we can’t complete. We are the top finishing company based out of Cottleville, Missouri. Whether you need to overhaul your kitchen, bathroom, or basement, we have you covered. When you work with us, you receive high quality work from exceptional workers. If you are thinking about updating your home, whether commercial or residential, we would be delighted to help. All of our home renovation projects have blown away our recent customers. Not only do we complete the work in a professional manner, but we also maintain great communication with our clients. Since our business is customer-oriented, you will be the first to know all the details regarding the project.

Luxury Home Improvement

In the business of home improvement, we understand that you will most likely get multiple quotes before embarking on your much anticipated project. While we can’t promise that we will have the lowest price, we recommend that you read all reviews before choosing a reno company. Remodeling homes in St. Louis can be quite complex for first time renovators.

While many contractors claim to be high-quality remodeling contractors, there are only a few exceptional companies in St. Peters that we would trust with our residential remodeling. As an established company, True Cut Remodeling, has an excellent track record when it comes to home improvement projects. We advise you to stay away from remodeling companies that claim to have the best services and the cheapest price. At some point, your luxury home will suffer for your belief that a cheap contractor will do a great job.

Luxury house remodeling requires experienced renovation contractors. With our 20+ years of experience, we have worked on just about every type of remodeling project. With that being said, we proudly offer specialized services in modernizing bathrooms. Whether you are interested in heated flooring, voice controlled shower heat, or hands free lighting, we are the professionals to call. We would love to talk to you about all of the new technology ready to be implemented into your residential home.

St. Charles General Contractor

Even though most renovation companies can’t handle specialized home remodeling projects, we thrive in this market. Our years of experience has taught us, on the fly, how to properly provide these unique services to our clients. But we don’t only provide unique services. All aspects of remodeling your residential living space are fair game when we work on your home. We routinely install windows and doors, relay flooring (tile and wood), repair drywall, and replace mailboxes. No home project is too big or too small for us. We will happily provide you with any service that you need, but we really love remodeling projects!

Enhance Your Home Value!

St. Louis Home Remodeling is the top-rated renovation contractor in the area. Sure, we improve the overall enjoyment of your current home. But if you happen to sell your home, your home value will also significantly rise. We work with clients, acquainting them with the various options they possess regarding home improvement. In case you have any custom requests, we promise they will be professionally taken care of. Our level of quality workmanship, project supervision, and commitment to finish projects on time is our greatest concern. With us, you’ll experience a new home & the monetary perks that come with investing in your property.

Our Renovation Process

Before proceeding with the home renovation, you have to first prepare a list of high-priority home improvement requirements and places which need a complete overhaul. Once you’ve assessed these specific places, it will be possible to estimate the amount of material needed for the project and arrive at an approximate cost for this renovation project. Additionally, we can also provide guidance and aid you in identifying basic materials & other resources needed for the renovation project. We look forward to working with you!

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